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Dawn E. Lee,  Superintendent 


Dear A'Takamul Parents and  Community,


Welcome to another school year at A'Takamul International School. The faculty and staff hope this will be another rewarding year filled with learning and educational fun for all our students. I would like to take this time to introduce myself and give you more information on what A'Takamul International School has done and will do to improve the school in teaching and learning to motivate all out students this coming school year.


I am Dawn E. Lee and I have been an educator for almost 30 years in the GCC area. In that time I have had extensive administrative and teaching experience with more than 23 years’ experience in teaching and learning with second language English learners and 10 years as a school administrator. My educational background includes a B.A. Humanities with undergraduate concentrations in English, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, and a M.A. in Educational Leadership. I have taken taken certification classes in Academic Advising and in Principal training,


I hope to lead A'Takamul International School towards excellence by directing the school through both physical and academic changes that are in line to bring about 21 century teaching and learning for all our students. The school has already begun this through the changes we have devised for the 1st semester at school.


The Governance Committee of the school has taken upon itself to improve facilities by upgrading the aesthetics of the school. There has been ongoing construction work to upgrade the facilities throughout the summer. Along with the facility upgrade, the school has contracted highly qualified teachers and administrators for the school year 2016/2017.


In academics we hope to implement Project Based Learning this school year beginning with Science in Middle and High school this semester. This is a innovative methodology that is an effective and enjoyable way to learn that helps to make school more engaging for students. It also helps to  improve learning, and build success skills for college, career, and life.  It helps to address academic standards based on the common core. It provides opportunities for students to use technology and makes teaching more enjoyable and rewarding.  It helps to  connect students and schools with communities and the real world. In order to see this come to fruition we have planned a year that creates an environment that nurtures our students to be motivated and feel a sense of belonging to a community.


To all our returning students and families it is good to see you back, and to our new students and families we hope this year will see your children settled and successful in a school that strives towards excellence. 


Sincerely yours,


Dawn E. Lee


A'Takamul International School

Dawn E. Lee 

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