About Admission


All prospective students wishing to register and enroll at A'Takamul International School (ATIS) must adhere to the strict Admission policy.
It is the policy of school to sensitively admit any student to the school that completes all application information along with all documents necessary for registration and successfully pass the entrance interview and examination. As the prerequisite for the interview and placement test, all applications and required documents must be received and approved by the School Registrar's Office in order for an interview and placement examination to take place. All decisions for admission and placement will be made strictly in the best interest of the applicant; therefore the school reserves the right to deny testing or placement.


  1. Principals will review the prospective student's application, transcripts and report cards for the past three years from previous school to determine if the student is eligible for the school's placement.
  2. Once the Principal has reviewed the applicant's file and approved eligibility for testing, the school counselor will administer the standardized admission and placement exam, KG1 and KG2 students are tested by KG staff.
  3. Prospective students must successfully pass the entrance exam (70% pass grade) and achieve grade level scores to be considered for placement.
  4. All prospective High school students applying for grads 10 and higher will be admitted on a credit transfer basis, and it will not be included in their four year GPA (Grade Point Average) calculation. They will only receive a total GPA for the years actually completed at ATIS.
  5. Students that transfer in to grade 10 and have passed a grade 9 General Science or other Science course, do not need to take our Earth Science course.
  6. It is the responsibility of parents to inform the registrar if they are aware of any special educational needs and difficulties that the student may have at the time of submission of the application.
  7. Students suspected of requiring special educational needs that cannot be provided by the school may be asked to provide assessment information from independent professional evaluation centers prior to making a decision for eligibility for admission and placement testing.