Admission Prerequisites


All teachers must recognize that student recruitment is the lifeblood of the school. They should make a special effort to welcome new parents and students. Proper documentation and placement will help to ensure student success.

  1. No later than Wednesday of the first week in February, the KG Principal, Elementary Principal, and MS/HS School Principal will provide to the School Registrar a list of all students who, for various reasons should not be registered for next school year. The school Director should then approve this list.
  2. No later than Wednesday of the first week in February, the KG Principal, Elementary Principal, and MS/HS School Principal should provide the School Registrar with a list of possible interview test dates for new admissions.
  3. Principals should make arrangements for someone to cover the interview in case of the counselor being absent.
  4. Parents interested in A’Takamul International School should receive a well-produced and annually updated (no later than first week in February) School Prospectus that contain important information such as the mission of the school, school day and calendar, fees & payment schedule etc.
  5. The Registrar will do the initial interview with the parents and student(s).
  6. The Registrar will request the following basic requirements for entry :
    a) Official transcript or report cards for last 3 years including the most recent one.
    b) Guide the parents to the accountant to pay 10 KD ( Non-Refundable ) Testing fees.
  7. At the time of the interview; the counselor /KG Teacher should collect the interview form from the Registrar.
  8. During and at the end of the interview teachers/counselors should complete the interview form and return it to their department Principal promptly.
  9. The Elementary Principal & MS/HS School Principal should ensure that the interview form is:
    a) Completed.
    b) Signed by Principals,
    c) Returned to the School Registrar no later than the end of the workday of the interview.
  10. For students entering Grade 9 –12, the MS/HS School Principal should also determine the number of transferable credits a new student has and in what Grade level at ATIS the student should be placed. The MS/HS Principal should also report the GPA and number of transferable credits to the Registrar using the interview form.
  11. When parents are given an interview appointment, the Registrar will inform them of all required documents they need to bring to the interview.
  12. On the interview day, the Registrar will examine all documents and refer them to the appropriate Principal for follow-up. Special attention should be paid to behavior problems.
  13. The process of registration, once started, should not be interrupted. It is important to give parents the impression that the Registrar is giving them 100% attention.
  14. The Registrar must complete all the sections of the registration form.
  15. The parents should check that the information is correct.
  16. Parents must sign the registration form.
  17. The deposit must be paid on the day of registration.
  18. Parents should be asked if they have any questions.
  19. Pre-registration and fee deposit will take place in February of each year for the next school year