Grade 2

A Welcome from the Grade Two Team

The Grade 2 Team would like to welcome you and your child to the early steps of the journey of their elementary schooling. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals looks forward to guiding your child through very important milestones. With us the children will learn the importance of following the rules and routines while they develop their thinking skills and learn to let their creative side shine through.

Language Arts

We stress the importance of reading, writing and oral speaking skills. In reading we rely on both phonetic decoding skills and learning the high frequency words by sight. In writing we value neat handwriting and teach the children how to become creative writers by learning the fundamentals of sentence and paragraph writing and the use of brainstorming charts.


Math is a wonderful hands-on subject where students learn the concepts using hands on manipulatives such as counters, blocks, geometric shapes and more. We deal with number concepts, time, graphs and charts and much more. Our exciting and highly engaging HSP Math scheme keeps the students interested in learning more.


The students will learn a variety of themes relating to Earth, Life and Physical Sciences. In Earth Science we will delve into the interesting theme of weather and plant life. In Life Science the students will learn about different animals, their different characteristics and where they live. Finally, in Physical Science they will learn about the fascinating world of solids, liquids and gases.

Social Studies

The students will learn more about their lives in Kuwait, their culture and their physical environment. At the same time, the students will appreciate their culture more as they learn about different countries around the world and discuss the differences and similarities between themselves and other children around the world.

In both of these subjects the students will flourish as independent learners as they will bring home monthly projects to be completed on their own with the proper instruction from their teachers at school.

Our team looks forward to helping your child learn these important skills and mature into creative, independent and thoughtful members of our school. Thank you for your support and cooperation during this exciting journey.