Grade 3

A special welcome from the Grade 3 Coordinator

Hello and welcome to grade three! We are proud to say that we have an excellent combination of teachers from all over the world who are eager and ready to instill the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare our students for the oncoming years. It is our aim to ensure that our students not only reach their full academic potential, but also become contributing members of the community.

Language Arts

Improvement in a child’s reading ability is essential to his or her language acquisition. Our Language Arts curriculum enables students to acquire the necessary skills to improve their reading comprehension and fluency. Students read in leveled groups, and they practice the different reading strategies while being guided by their teacher. We believe that a solid reading foundation can inspire creative writers. We believe that guiding the students through the writing process can allow them to express themselves more thoroughly. The students will learn to apply the steps of the writing process.


Our highly robust Mathematics program facilitates learning new concepts while also strengthening the basic Mathematical skills. Daily mental Math practice makes it possible for children to improve their number bonding and problem solving skills. The third grade students study topics and concepts consisting of; place values, money, time, measurement, higher digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals.


To give students an opportunity to see the world around them in a different view, we have developed an engaging Science program. The program permits students to complete hands-on lab experiments using the Scientific method. The program also covers a range of topics, including living things, weather, space, matter, energy, forces and motion.

Social Studies

The Social Studies program contains various geographical and historical concepts that are designed to make students more globally aware. Students read and learn about; laws in a community, goods and services, health and safety, maps, ancient Greece, the Arabian peninsula, the surface of the Earth and changes through time.

The third grade team genuinely believes that all of our students should have our full support and guidance. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance with your child’s education!

Adnan Zaid
Grade 3 Coordinator