Grade 5


We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and families. As always, the start of a school year holds the promise of new discovery and learning, as well as the prospect of personal growth in all areas. The Grade 5 Team comprises of an energetic, vibrant and enthusiastic set of individuals who strive to uphold the school Motto within the ethos of excellent learning.


Our reading series is from Harcourt Story Town. It is a carefully balanced program that leads students to success by providing instruction in phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and language arts skills. These skills are then applied to high interest stories in the text. Reading strategies are implemented to enhance oral fluency. Students also sharpen their reading comprehension and listening skills by mastering techniques that can help them to understand and make sense of what they are reading. Lexical skills are integrated in all lessons to help learners to decipher words and meaning. Students will learn many types of writing (persuasive, narrative, expository, compare/contrast etc). Journal writing continues in fifth grade to encourage students to enjoy free writing by using their imagination, creativity and personal experiences. Spelling units correlate to the reading stories.


We use the HSP Math Series. We cover skills such as basic computation, decimals, fractions, multiplication, division and subtraction as well as algebra skills and problem solving. A great deal of emphasis will be put on acquiring the skills necessary for success in Middle School. In our experience, students cannot move on to higher level reasoning in mathematics until they master their basic math facts. Our math class will be performing daily drills beginning with the basic four operations.


We use the HSP Science Series to learn concepts in life science, physical science and earth science. The electrifying and magnetic topics covered in the Grade 5 curriculum range from A Tour Through Space to Cell Structure, Rock Cycles and Our Changing Earth. Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills attained by participating in the Spring Science Fair.

SOCIAL STUDIES and Kuwait Social Studies

Kuwait and the Middle East are the topics in our social studies program. Students will learn about the GCC countries as well as mapping and geography skills. We will delve in the study of Native American History as well as Ancient Civilizations.

We are all excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and are looking forward to a happy and productive learning and teaching partnership.

Ms. Amy Zaki
Grade 5 Coordinator