Counselor Message

Counselor I have really enjoyed being the KG Counselor here at A’Takamul since September 2012.

My main goal, as KG Counselor is to help children adapt to the school setting. We wish to provide the required help and support to develop the skills and tools to build the child’s ability to learn, to help them associate with others and to build an interest for lifelong learning. 

I work with the children in the classroom, in groups and also on an individual basis. My room is a space where I want the children to feel safe and my door is always open to the children and parents alike.

While working in a group, children often learn more effectively. Peers are influential in Kindergarten. Children learn from watching the behavior of other students in the group and also learn from the mistakes of others. Groups can be organized to address many issues such as self-esteem and social skills.

Children often express themselves well during play. Typical tools used in play therapy include a variety of dolls, doll houses, sand, puppets, art supplies and home play items.
Children use the toys to "speak" to the counselor when they cannot express themselves effectively through verbal language.

Most of these techniques help children express themselves more effectively. Effective evocative techniques for children remove direct pressure to speak and help them express themselves more openly and honestly. Sentence completion tasks, role-play activities, client-as-therapist activities and storytelling are all techniques that evoke therapeutic expression of thoughts and feelings. 

I like to work closely with parents and teachers to overcome any learning difficulties orbehavior issues. Research shows us that a good KG experience plays a major role in the child’s future to be a successful student.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your children and I look forward to meeting you all, sometime during this year. 

KG Counselor