KG 1

KG 1 Coordinator I hope that you all enjoyed your summer and I would like to welcome you back to another great school year at ATIS. As KG 1 Coordinator, and with the support of caring, experienced teachers, we plan to ensure that your child develops a passion for learning. We provide the children with a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, and work with the children individually, to identify and encourage their strengths.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our educational program. We provide opportunities for the children to build on their interests and abilities, and become lifelong learners. Children will engage in play and develop their imaginations. Through reading books and stories will increase their vocabulary and comprehension. They will collaborate with others to extend their thinking skills, discover new ideas and experience new challenges. We will encourage the children to be responsible, independent and good classroom citizens.

Our curriculum will extend the children’s knowledge and skills through Themes/Topics. They will learn the numbers 1-10, basic shapes, and colors as well as the Alphabet letter names and sounds. The teaching style for KG 1 is through learning centers (group work).

The children are divided into groups that rotate throughout the day. We have 4 major centers: Science/Social Studies (Topic), Math, Writing and Listening (language). There are an additional 5 centers: computer, dramatic play, art, library and construction. During the week the children will achieve the same aims and objectives in all the classes. Every day the children enjoy playing outside/inside in the play areas, where they learn to make new friends and interact with each other in a social environment which is well supervised. We would love for you and your family to stop by and visit us. Please call the KG secretary to make an appointment. Hope to meet you soon.

Miss. Natalia
KG 1 Coordinator