KG 2

KG 2 Coordinator Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the A’Takamul KG 2 website. I have been working in ATIS since September 2000, and I have watched many of our little KG students grow into successful young adults.  Our educational program provides the children with opportunities to develop their skills in Literacy, Math, Science and Social studies.

In KG 2 students will begin phonics and phonemic awareness instructions that will help them learn to read and spell. They will be taught the process of blending individual sounds into words and encouraged to develop reading skills. Also students will be taught handwriting and the conventions of print. They will write everyday and most of the students will develop neat and legible handwriting by the end of school year. The children will also be encouraged to write creatively, using their evolving imaginations. Students will engage in a variety of oral activities to increase their vocabulary and comprehension, and to enhance their ability to communicate effectively.

The Math curriculum is well-balanced, with new concepts carefully modeled and interconnected, along with problem solving and reasoning. Students have ample practice and many hands-on activities, using manipulatives that helps them extend their thinking skills, reasoning skills and problem solving skills.

The Topics/Themes covered by the Science and Social Studies curriculum are reinforced through weekly science experiments and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, KG 2 classrooms run learning centers to integrate content areas and to address important Kindergarten curriculum standards. Throughout the year the classroom learning experiences are enhanced by numerous educational field trips.

Our team of KG 2 teachers is committed to helping children learn and grow, and ensure they have a successful school year. I look forward for an exciting year filled with enjoyable learning experiences. Thank you for entrusting your children with us. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance regarding KG 2.

Ms. AndreeaRosca
KG 2 Coordinator