Counselor Message

Welcome to the A’Takamul International School! My name is Mr. Mohamed Alsabawi and it is my pleasure to be your Middle School Guidance Counselor this year. I have lived in Kuwait for 8 years and Canada for 16 years. This is my third year working in Kuwait. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Honours Psychology from the University of Windsor and a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria.

My responsibilities as guidance counselor are to help Middle School students become as successful as possible through a team effort in which the student, parents, teachers and myself work together to foster an environment where the student can succeed.

I help students across 3 key areas, in academics I help students improve their study habits, communicate with teachers about any issues students have in the class and create appropriate learning goals for students. In behaviour I help students learn proper classroom behaviour and encourage positive behaviours while discouraging negative behaviours. In regards to emotional issues I try to create a safe environment where students can freely discuss any issues they may be facing and helping them in making the transition from child to teenager.

I look forward to a great year working with you and your children.

With Regards,
Mohamed Alsabawi