Grade 6 Coordinator & Social Studies Teacher

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Deon and I am from South Africa. I hold a degree in education specializing in teaching English, Geography, Environmental Management and History. This will be my fifth year teaching in Kuwait, having taught at IAK and KAS before my appointment here at Atakamul International School. I have 25 years teaching experience.

In my career, as an educator, I have specialized in teaching Middle School and High School students in both the American and British education systems. This year I have the pleasure of teaching your child Grade 6 Social Studies. My duties as coordinator include ensuring the emotional and physical wellbeing of the students in my care. I am also responsible for the discipline of our Grade 6 students as well as parent-teacher relations.


Deon Kearns

Grade 7: Coordinator- Abraham Adams
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Abraham and I am from South Africa. I hold Bachelor degrees in education as well as Social Sciences. This will be my fourth year teaching at A’Takamul International School. I have also been teaching in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. I have specialized in teaching Middle School and High School students across all curriculum areas.

This year I have the pleasure of teaching your child Grade 7 Social Studies. As I am sure you are aware Grade 7 is an extremely important year. For this reason each subject teacher will have extremely high expectations. My colleagues will be working hard with each student to ensure they are in the best possible position to find success and achieve their potential.

Mr. Abraham
Email: abraham@atakamul.edu.kw

Welcome to Grade Eight 2013/2014

Dear Parents:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Haroon and I will be the Grade 8 coordinator this year.

The beginning of a new academic year allows students to revisit their goals and aims in each subject and to make a fresh start. We will be refreshing concepts taught in the previous year, and then we will add to these skills. The emphasis will be on ensuring students have understood the concepts we have cover and are able to problem-solve, as well as use computational skills.

Studies show that the most successful students are those who take responsibility for their own learning’s. Responsible students are prepared for class, listen attentively, keep their notebooks organized, ask questions both in and out of class and complete homework promptly.

The Engrade System is a very useful tool in assisting your son/daughter remains organized, and completes homework on time. The Engrade System can also be used as a tool for parent/teacher contact. If you have any concerns or need any information you may wish to write me a message in this system. I would also like you to check it each afternoon as I will use it to convey a message about your son/daughter’s progress.

A student entering Grade 8 is required to have a basic level of expertise in English and Mathematics to ensure success in the four basic subjects of English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

Students who have completed Grade 7 will have achieved some success in all of these areas but it is important to recognize that your son/daughter will have a greater chance of success in Grade 8 if they are able to meet these performance objects.

Students entering Grade 8 should be able to:

English, Social Studies, Science:

  • Read and comprehend grade level text books with content specific terminology
  • Write in grammatically correct sentences.
  • Speak in grammatically correct sentences.
  • Write a paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.
  • Read appropriate level documentation and outline the content. Identify topic sentence, main idea, and supporting detail.
  • Listen to recorded/verbal information and take notes sufficient to support a written paragraph or answer specific questions about the information.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of physical geography and mapping skills, reading charts and chronological sequencing.


  • Use the order of operations to evaluate expressions
  • Simplify algebraic expressions using the distributive property.
  • Graph points in all quadrants of the coordinate plane.
  • Use inverse operations to solve equations and inequalities
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers, fractions and decimals.


  • There are some activities incoming students may undertake to ensure they will be able to meet these objectives satisfactorily. The novels and books about science, geography, and English may be obtained from any good bookshop and will certainly be of assistance in meeting the needs of the student.
  • Listen to English programs on T.V., go to English movies.
  • Attend a summer course for ESL to improve English skills at Amid east or a British Council in Kuwait or a summer camp for English and Math in USA or England (i.e. TASIS in London).
  • Read, Read, Read.
  • Work on vocabulary; learn a new word each day.
  • Find someone who speaks English and talk with them, or choose one day a weak to speak only English at home- have fun speaking English with the family.
  • Read a story in English, tell someone about it, keep a journal, write about it, and illustrate it.
  • If your family plans to travel, get brochures written in English from travel agent or look the country on the internet. Talk about what you expect to see and do in English with the family. Take pictures, keep a journal, and write a story about the country in your own wards after you have seen it.

Classroom Procedure and Rules:

  • Enter quickly and quietly.
  • Immediately take out notebooks and supplies needed for class.
  • Be quiet and respectful.
  • Always do your own work.
  • At the end of class, pack up quietly and leave for your next class in a mature and organized manner.

Often showing your interest in what your child is studying can assist with motivation and by simply keeping track of their Agenda, homework, tests and project results will help enormously.

So please help your son /daughter grow in self-motivation and developing good study habits such as promptly doing homework, tests, projects and other assignments.

Let us look forward to a year in which your son /daughter will have a successful experience that will contribute to a promising future.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Haroon