A’Takamul News


06 December 2017


Dr. Rasha from the Ministry of Health came to visit our Grade 6 students on the morning of Wednesday, December 6, 2017. The visit was part of an ongoing health program with the twin goals of educating our students on relevant health issues and standards as well as issuing check-ups for certain categories of health concerns.
The topic of Wednesday`s presentation was Scoliosis, or unnatural curvature of the spine. Dr. Rasha gave a very interesting presentation and our curious 6th Grade students have quite a lot of questions for her on the long-term dangers of the condition and how it can be prevented and/or treated. After the presentation Dr. Rasha checked all of our Grade 6 boys in our clinic, and then returned the next morning to check the girls.
Thank you very much to Dr. Rasha and the Ministry of Health for coming out to A`Takamul, and we look forward to the next visit.