Vision, Mission and Beliefs
Our Vision at ATIS is to develop a unique school system that integrates an American curriculum with Kuwaiti culture and Islamic values. ATIS shall be a leader in promoting lifelong learning by empowering students to realize their full potential in academic, creative, aesthetic, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual development.

Our mission at ATIS is to lead a quality instructional program recognized by American colleges and universities. It is implemented by qualified and motivated staff, involving students, parents and the community as valuable members. Our program will empower students to become successful Kuwaiti and global citizens.

1. The school program is founded on the requirements of the modern world providing a supportive and safe          learning environment encouraging students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.
2. ATIS encourages diverse learning styles and teaching strategies to enable students to communicate                     effectively in English and Arabic, solve problems competently, and think creatively to empower them to               reach their full potential.
3. The educational experience facilitates scientific research, exploration, mastery of computational skills,                  aesthetics, and physical activities to make learning enjoyable and challenging.
4. Through mutual respect and cooperation our school community nurtures Kuwaiti and Islamic values that            promote dignity, integrity and human rights.
5. ATIS acknowledges diverse viewpoints that embolden students to become conscious and responsible global       citizens.